In search of peace of mind not perfect skin

The skin is a reflection of the internal pull and push. Unless we take care of the inside, we can’t take care of the outside successfully. Stress can wreak havoc on the body. Take care of the inside and get Perfect Skin.

Shake up this daily recipe of Peace of mind.    

½ cup of Gratitude                                                           

½ cup of Positive energy

¼ cup Truthfulness

¼ cup Kindness                                    

¼ cup Joy

¼ cup Laughter

¼ cup Forgiveness

¼ cup Patience

¼ cup Sunshine

Blend and enjoy!

  P atience!  have patience

E extend a hand today, do a good deed

 R emove envy from your heart

F ocus on what is right in your life

 E mbrace less is more, Think multi-purpose & declutter

 C ount your blessings

 T rust yourself & Trust humanity


Smile and stay positive

 Kindness!  be kind to yourself & others

 I ntroduce mindfulness into your life

 Never Complain







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