Eating Healthy and Not Paying Attention to those Products you Use for your Hair and Skin?

And you thought eating fruits and vegetables is the only thing you need to do?

When we think of altering our lifestyle, we generally try getting rid of our unhealthy addictions, change the sleep pattern that we have been following to destroy our health and then also focus on eating right. We visit the special organic section at the malls and then pick up the fresh handpicked fruits and vegetables, which are grown without pesticides.

When we go home with a bag full of fresh things, we have this proud smile on our face. We cook meals and eat the right things. Before going to bed, we pick up our favorite bedtime cream and apply it on our face.

But have you ever wondered about the cream that you use almost every night? Have you ever thought about the number of chemicals used to make a single soap, hair serum, shampoo or facial cleanser? Have you ever wondered how much all the chemicals are hampering your skin and hair?

There can be nothing better than using all natural cleansing and skin nourishing soaps in order to avoid those chemicals that not only damage your skin but burden your liver with toxicity. Afragreen nourishing soaps are made with herbs and ingredients known for their skin healing properties such as Neem, Black seed, Argan oil, shea butter, hemp seed oil, Turmeric..

Here are some of the reasons for you to shift to natural products:

  • 1) You give better to your skin, hair and nails: With the help of products like Afragreen Argan oil, a multi-purpose moisturizer that has healing properties. 100% pure and cold press, you can finally promise to give better to your skin without hesitation or worries since there are no harmful chemicals in it. It is as nature produced it. Pure and simple. Soak up its goodness from head to toe!
  • 2) Nourishing our hair is a matter of nourishing the root of the hair and that is our scalp! We all know how to water plants right? And we know where the water goes right? We blow dry our hair, we wash our hair daily with harsh shampoos that strip its nutrients and natural oils, we spray all types of chemicals on our hair and we expect so much from them without giving much thought what nourishment our hair need! Our hair needs nourishment too. Afragreen’s Total Hair Nutrition is made of all natural oils and herbs formulated to condition, moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp naturally.
  • 3) There can be nothing better than detoxifying clay to help your body breathe and let go of unwanted toxins: With Afragreen’s Moroccan Ghassoul Clay, it can be used as mask from head to toe. Another super multi-purpose all natural product from nature to you. All you need is 10-15 minutes to get a healthier skin and hair.
  • 4) You feel rejuvenated when you use chemical-free products: The other good thing about using all natural beauty products is your contribution to the environment. The less toxic products we use the less toxic overload on our environment!
  • 5) Finally, You can put a proud smile on your face and say I have made the choice to truly embrace all natural products for health and beauty. There is no going back; it is a total Commitment to healthy living from the inside out and to leaving small footprint!



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