Our Story

AFRAGREEN product line was established in 2004 to bring you natural beauty secrets from around the world. We are passionate about the use of natural products for health and beauty. The protection of our ecosystems in Canada and beyond is close to our heart.

AFRAGREEN products are sold in health food stores across Canada. Please support your local health food store.

 Our journey started in 2004 with a loaded question: Way before the glowing marketing brochures and the colourful shinny packaging that make people buy the stuff they don’t need. Way before the shampoos, after shampoos, night creams, day creams, eye creams, anti-aging creams, facial toners, facial cleansers, acne creams, foot creams, after shaves, body lotions, body butters, hair serums, lip balms, baby creams, baby oils, diaper rash creams…………… What products were our great grand parents using, how toxic were their bodies, how happy were their wallets and the environment they lived in?

 The answer was very simple! They used what nature provided in its purest form.There are a lot of natural products that have multiple uses that keep your wallet happy, your body healthy and the environment happy. Toss out the excess, trim down your keeps and live in harmony with nature.

Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us. Please feel free to drop us a line when you get the time.

 Thank you for your business. We truly appreciate it!